Monday, February 20, 2012

John Gielgud as Tieresias in "Oedipus the King"

Time for a link of quality: one of the really, really great scenes of Western Literature.   King Oedipus confronts the terrible truth about who he is, embodied in the person of the blind prophet Tieresias, played beautifully here by an 81 year old John Gielgud.

 From a 1985 BBC production of Sophocles with Michael Pennington in the title role. You can watch the whole play in 12 parts here:

 part 1.
 part 2.
 part 3.
 part 4.
 part 5.
 part 6.
 part 7.
 part 8.
 part 9.
 part 10.
 part 11.
 part 12.

This post isn't quite finished.  I'll be back to fill in some information, fix the hiccup in the playback,  and make the links more linky.

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